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CNC Planer-type Boring Milling Machine/Machining Center


The machine tool is used for the processing of all kinds of large and medium parts, basic parts,b ox. It can high-efficietly and high-precision finish the processing of procedures of the parts, such as milling, drilling, boring, tapping. It realized linear interpolation, helical interpolation, arc interpolation, arbitrary four axis linkage.

It is suitable for standard machinery, aviation, aerospace, automotive, nuclear, industry, energy, mould, locomotive, juki, engineering machinery, ships, machine tools, electronics, printing,t extile and other manufacturing industries.
Structure and Performance:
1. Double walled column construction provide very high torsional bending resistance.
2. The design of enhanced lathe bed, to increase its capacity and variable resistance.
3. Spindle bearing and spindle gear adopt the thin oil circulation cooling,lubrication.
4. Multiple roller linear guide and multiple sliding block with groups, ensure the reliable bearing capacity and service life.
High Performance:
1. Broad stroke meet different processing requirements.
2. Table of differnt size and capacity is suitable for various parts processing.
3. Chip removal system is safe, convenience, environmental protection.
High Precision:
1. Two level 4steps gearboxes provide strong cutting force for spindle, wide speed range meet different processing requirements.
2. High-precision rotary table provide exact positioning for processing.
3. X, Y, Z axis is driven by servo motor that through high-precision servo reducer and screw connection,moving parts more stability.
4. The key parts are imported brand, such as screw, rolling linear guide, anti-backlash gear box, servo reducer, spindle bearing, rotary supporting and gear ring.
5. Spindle back-bearing adopts tapered roller bearing with hydraulic penal, through adjustment oil pressure for changing the bearing pre-tightening force, achieving spindle performance of slow speed and high-rigidity, high-speed and high-precision.
Man-machine Engineering:
1. Humanized indexable operation station.
2. The overall appearance of protection provide the operator with safety protection.


Standard configuration:
Infinitely variable speed spindle box,adopt gear-box structure
Spindle constant temperature cooling system.
Pneumatic and hydraulic system
Centralized lubrication system
Tool cooling system
Machine protection shield
Guide protection shield
Screw-type chip conveyor
Chain-type chip conveyor
Electric cabinet control part
Headstock balance system
Air gun for cleaning 
Handheld operational unit
Rigid tappiing 
Electric cabinet air condition
Full enclosed-loop grating scale


Optional configuration:
FANUC 31i, SIEMENS 840D CNC system
Workpiece automatic measuring device
Tool automatic measuring device
Spindle central water discharge
Tool magazine capacity 40T/60T tools 
A variety of milling head ,swing plate and accessories



Main Technical Features

Specification Unit PBC-110 PBC-130 PBC-160 PBC-130E
Table size mm 1400*1200 1400*1600 2000*2200 1600*1800
Max.load of worktable  kg 8000 10000 30000 10000
T-slot size  mm 7-28*160 9-28*160 7-36*250 9-28*160
Worktable transverse travel X mm 2000 2500 4000 2500
Headstock vertical travel Y mm 1600 2000 2500 2000
Boring spindle travel W mm 600 800 1000 800
Column longitudinal travel Z mm 1200 1600 2000 1600
Distance from spindle center to worktable surface mm 0-1600 0-2000 0-2500 0-2000
Distance from boring spindle end to worktable center mm 75-1875 0-2400 75-3075 0-2400
Boring spindle diameter mm Φ110 Φ130 Φ160 Φ130
Spindle taper   ISO NO.50 ISO NO.50 ISO NO.50 ISO NO.50
Spindle speed range  rpm 10-3000 10-2500 10-1600 10-1200
Spinde output torque N.m 2013/2395 3068/4152 4030/5507 3068/4152
Spindle motor power kw SIEMENS:18.5/25.5 SIEMENS:22/30 SIEMENS:30/41 SIEMENS:20/30
Tool magazine 
Capacity T 40 40(60) 40(60) 40
Tool changing type   Fixed Fixed Fixed Fixed
The time of tool change sec 20 20 20 20
Max.length of tool mm 400 400 400 400
Max.diameter of tool mm Φ125 Φ125 Φ125 Φ125
Max.weight of tool kg 25 25 25 25
Feeding speed X/Y/Z mm/min 2-6000 2-6000 2-6000 2-6000
W mm/min 2-2000 2-2000 2-2000 2-2000
B °/min 10-180 10-180 10-180 -
Rapid feeding speed X/Y/Z mm/min 10000 10000 10000 10000
W mm/min 3000 3000 3000 3000
Worktable swing speed rpm 4 4 2.7 4
Positioning precision X/Y mm 0.016/0.016 0.018/0.018 0.02/0.018 0.032/0.026
Z/W mm 0.014/0.012 0.016/0.012 0.016/0.012 0.026/0.026
B 6 6 8 12
Repeat posotioning precision X/Y mm 0.012/0.012 0.013/0.013 0.014/0.014 0.026/0.02
Z/W mm 0.012/0.01 0.012/0.01 0.012/0.011 0.02/0.02
B 4 4 6 -
Machine weight  kg 60000 66000 84000 70000
Machine dimension mm 5800*6800*5200 7900*6700*5000 9100*8500*6500 7050*6850*5650
October 21 2020