Operating Tips:

CNC Double Column Machining Center (Gantry Moving)


Machine Structure:
1. The machine adopts moving gantry frame, fixed beam, fixed worktable structure layout. Column increased preventing the deformation of beam patent structure, greatly improved the precision of machine tools.
2. It is equipped with imported equipments including special-use guideway, gears, rack, and high-precision screw and reducer, ensure high precision and high stability of machine tools.
3. High degree of mechanical and electrical intergration, compact structure, conveninent operation, rational layout, accounted for the area is small.
Machine Features:
1. Using gantry super strong frame, it can achieve super great processing range, good ragidity, strong shock absorption, good stability and dynamic performance.
2. The machine tool has multi processing functions of milling, boring, drilling, extending, reaming, tapping, countersinking, after loading and clamping of workpieces one time, it can finish at the same time the processing of the hole and plane on the five surface of the parts.


Manual Milling Heads:


Auto. Milling Heads:


Main Technical Features

Specification Unit MDC3000R MDC4000R MDC5000R
Table size  mm 3000*(6000-36000) 4000*(6000-36000) 5000*(6000-36000)
Max.load of table  kg/m2 15000 15000 20000
Gantry effective width mm 4000 1500 6000
X-axis travel mm 6000-36000 6000-36000 6000-36000
Y-axis travel mm 5000 6000 6000
Z-axis travel mm 1500 2000 2000
Min.distance from spindle end to worktable surface  mm 200 200 200
Taper    ISO50 ISO50 ISO60
Speed range  rpm 30-2500 30-1600 30-1600
Max.output torque  N.m 4000/6000 4641/6500 7745/10832
Spindle motor power  kw 40/66 60/84 100/140
The section size of ram  mm 530*550 620*650 620*650
Tool magazine 
Capacity T 60 60 60
Tool change type    Random Random Random
Max.size of tool mm 350*Φ225 350*Φ225 500*Φ175
Max.weight of tool kg 20 20 20
Feeding speed X/Y/Z mm/min 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000
Rapid feeding speed X/Y/Z mm/min 10000 10000 10000
Positioning precision X mm 0.02/2000 0.02/2000 0.02/2000
Y mm 0.04 0.04 0.04
Z mm 0.02 0.02 0.02
Repeat positioning precision X mm 0.01/2000 0.01/2000 0.01/2000
Y mm 0.016 0.016 0.016
Z mm 0.014 0.014 0.014
Machine weight kg 144000(Table length 6m) 420000(Table length 24m) 480000(Table length 24m)
October 22 2018