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CNC Double Column Five-faces Machining Center (Beam&Table Moving)


The series machine is beam lifting, worktable movement, gantry frame-type machining center. On the basis of inheriting traditional gantry strong rigidity, good stability and etc characteristics, our factory introduce and absorbs advanced industrial design idea, use the finite element method to take mechanical analysis, reasonable distributed muscle, reasonable distributed quality, which can guarantee the strong rigidity, static precision and dynamic preformance stability and reliable. It has advanced level in the same kind machine, is a kind high efficiency, high precision, high reliable advanced equipment. 
The series machine has the characteristics of high modularization degree, parts versatility, full-closed loop control, excellent performance. Machine tool is equipped standardly with straight milling head, also equipped optionally with auto. right-angle milling head and lengthened straight milling head, when selecting more than two milling head, the machine is equipped with milling head magazine. All milling head are installed in milling head magazine and automatically change. According to requirement,it can achieve workpiece measurement system, tools measurement system and other functions, to meet plane, curved surface and hole series procsessing requirement.
The machine tool with full automatic five-face processing only load and clamp workpiece one time, it can finish five-face processing of drilling, milling surface, tapping and etc. High rigid square ram spindle structure, it has speed 3000rpm and torque 2000N.m, and improve the machining efficiency, according to customers' requirement, we can add or delete configuration and provide a full range of solutions.
Machine Use:
The machine tool is widely used in general machinery, aviation, aerospace, automotive, nuclear industry, energy, mould, locomotive, juki, engineering machinery, ships, machinetools, electronics, printing, textile and other manufacturing industries.
1.When X-axis travel is during 4200-6200mm, it adopts super length screw auxiliary support  technology.
2.When X-axis travel is greater than 4200mm,it adopts multi period of bed joint technology.



Manual Milling Heads:



Auto. Milling Heads:


Main Technical Features

Specification Unit DMC2000TR DMC2500TR DMC3000TR
Table size(W*L)  mm 2000*6300 2500*6300 3000*6300
Worktable length optional range  mm 4000-12000 4000-12000 4000-12000
T-slot size  mm 9-28-200 13-28-200 15-28-200
Max.load of worktable  kg 33000 35000 42000
Gantry effective width mm 2550 3050 3550
X-axis travel mm 6500 6500 6500
Y-axis travel mm 3200 3700 4200
Z-axis travel mm 800(1000) 800(1000) 800(1000)
W-axis travel mm 1300 1300 1300
Min.distance from spindle center to worktable surface mm 150 150 150
Taper   BT50 BT50 BT50
Speed range  rpm 20-3000 20-3000 20-3000
Spindle motor power FANUC kw 22/26 22/26 22/26
SIEMENS kw 22/30 22/30 22/30
Max.output torque of straight milling head  N.m 2000 2000 2000
Max.output torque of right-angle milling head N.m 1100 1100 1100
The section size of ram mm 450*450 450*450 450*450
Tool magazine 
Capacity T 50 50 50
Tool change type   Random Random Random
Max.size of tool mm 350*Φ125 350*Φ125 350*Φ125
Max.weight of tool kg 25 25 25
Feeding speed mm/min 1-8000 1-8000 1-8000
Rapid feeding speed X/Y mm/min 15000 15000 15000
Z mm/min 10000 10000 10000
W mm/min 2000 2000 2000
Positioning precision X mm 0.026(Closed-loop) 0.026(Closed-loop) 0.026(Closed-loop)
Y mm 0.02(Closed-loop) 0.02(Closed-loop) 0.02(Closed-loop)
Z mm 0.013(Closed-loop) 0.013(Closed-loop) 0.013(Closed-loop)
W mm 0.016(Closed-loop) 0.016(Closed-loop) 0.016(Closed-loop)
Repeat positioning precision X mm 0.013(Closed-loop) 0.013(Closed-loop) 0.013(Closed-loop)
Y mm 0.013(Closed-loop) 0.013(Closed-loop) 0.013(Closed-loop)
Z mm 0.01(Closed-loop) 0.01(Closed-loop) 0.01(Closed-loop)
W mm 0.011(Closed-loop) 0.011(Closed-loop) 0.011(Closed-loop)
Machine weight kg 102000 110000 132000
April 06 2020