Operating Tips:

Slotting Machine (B-200, B-320, B-400)


1. This machine is used process planes, shape surfaces, key seating, etc, and it is suitable for the single-piece or small-batch production workshop.
2. The main transmission mechanism is to transmit the throw-over motion of the rocker arm into the to-and-fro motion of the ram the operating plant form can move vertically and horizontally and revolve it is able to achieve automatic feed and hand operating feed Also it can move fast in case of breakdown, the platform will automatically stop feeding and achieve limit safety.
3. When the machine is started, stop using electromagnetic clutch so as to achieve concentration operation of the machine.
4. Indexing mechanism is used for the graduation of the throw-over motion of the operating platform parts are processed according to the desired graduation.
5. This machine is carefully designed and it is characteristic of standardization, generalization, serialization, high degree automation, also it is of reasonable distribution, compact structure, well-balanced proportion, good outer looks and convenient maintenance.
6. The lubrication of the machine is brought by the oil pump, and lubrication oil is transmitted to various points by the oil-transmitting rubes with convenient adjustment.
7. The electric equipment of the machine tool is fixed in the bed at the back part of the lower bed it is safe and reliable because there are concentrated push buttons in the upper bed.

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit B-200 B-320 B-400
Max. slotting length mm 200 320 400
Max. dimension of workpiece(L×H) mm 485*200 600*320 600×320
Max. weight of workpiece kg 400 500 500
Max. cutting force N 5500 7500 7500
No. of ram strokes per minute rpm 32, 50, 80,125 20, 32, 50,80 20, 32, 50, 80
Vertical adjustment of ram mm 230 315 315
Inclination of ram   0-8°      0-8°      0-8°     
Distance between tool bolding surface and column front mm 485 600 600
Max. tool shank size(W×H) mm 25*40 25*40 25×40
Table diameter mm 500 630 630
Distance between table surface and low end of ram mm 320 490 690
Max. longitudinal travel of table mm 500 620 620
Max. cross travel of table mm 500 560 560
Range of table longitudinal and cross power feeds mm 0.08-1.12 0.08-1.12 0.08-1.21
Range of table rotary power feeds   0.052-0.783° 0.052-0.7893° 0.052-0.783°
Power Main drive motor kw 3 4 4
Rotating speed of main drive motor rpm 1430 960 960
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 1945*1325*1980 2290*1525*2285 2290×1525×2285
Weight(approx) kg 2400 3500 3700
April 06 2020