Operating Tips:

Heavy-duty Horizontal Lathe (AL-800, AL-1000)

These horizontal lathes are suitable for turning internal and external cylindrical, conical and swing surfaces as well as various metric, inch, module and diameter pitch threads. They can also be used for broaching oil grooves and key ways.
1. Casted in whole piece, box type internal structure, of high rigidity, with hardened guideway. The rigidity is high. The precision is stable. And these lathes can carry out strong force cutting.
2. On apron, there is a device operated by a single lever, used for rapid traverse of the carriage. Spindle’s braking and rotating direction change is controllled by hydraulic system, or by hand operation, all to user's choice. 
3. The saddle guideway is glued by “TSF” soft belt wear resisting materials.
4. The top slide can be used independently for turning of short cone, in combination with longitudinal feeding, it can also turn long taper surface.


Standard accessories:
3 jaw chuck, Steady rest, Follow rest, Dead center, Oil gun, Coolant system, Working light, General tools, Foundation bolts, Operation manual (English edition).
Optional accessories:
2/3-axes digital readout system(DRO), 4 jaw chuck, Grinding attachment, Taper turning attachment, CE execution

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit AL-800 AL-1000
Capacity Swing over bed mm 800 1000
Swing over cross slide mm 480 630
Max. length of workpiece mm 1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000/7000/8000
Max. turning length mm 850/1350/1850/2850/3850/4850/5850/6850/7850
Width of bed mm 600
Max. weight of workpiece kg 3000
Spindle Spindle nose mm C11 (optional: C15)
Diameter of spindle thru hole mm 100 (optional: 140)
Taper hole of spindle r/min 1:20/150
Spindle speed(forward)  r/min 18kinds, 5.5~750
Spindle speed(reverse) mm/r 6kinds, 10~775
Feed motion Longitudinal feed range mm/r 64kinds; 0.1~24.32
Cross feed range   64kinds; 0.05~12.16
Screw pitch of leadscrew mm 12
Number & range of metric thread mm 50kinds; 1~240
Number & range of inch thread T.P.I 26kinds; 14~1
Number & range of module thread mm 53kinds; 0.5~120
Number & range of diametrical pitch thread T.P.I 24kinds; 28~1
Rapid traverse speed of carriage mm/min 4000
Tool post Distance between spindle centerline  and tool resting plane  mm 33
Section of tool shank mm 32
Tool post swing range ° ±90°
Max. travel of top slide mm 200
Max. travel of cross slide mm 500
Tailstock Diameter of tailstock quill mm 100
Travel of tailstock quill mm 250
Taper hole of tailstock quill   Morse 6
Other Main motor power kw 11
Power of tool post rapid move motor kw 1.1
Power of cooling pump kw 0.9
Machine overall dimension Length mm 3180/3670/3985/5165/6220/7400/8260/10220
Height mm 1450
Width mm 1630 1730
April 06 2020