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Extra Heavy-duty Horizontal Lathe (SL-1600C, SL-1800C, SL-2000C, SL-2200C, SL-2500C)


This series extra heavy duty horizontal lathe is the most advanced lathe adopted with the famous Germany technology. Adopting the most advance technology in both domestic and worldwide, the lathe owns the features of high precision, high rigid, high stability, and long term precision keeping, on the top level of the same type machines. The main transmission system and feeding system adopts separate type structure. It can finish the high precision and high efficiency turning work for the workpiece like cylindrical, inner hole, end surface, cone surface, screw(outer & inner), round arc, groove, etc.

1. The overall thick-walled closed headstock, large diameter, short spindle, high precision spindle rotation system, and the use of independent thermostat oil cooling.

2. The bed is one piece type bed with four guideways. There are telescope type protection covers.

3. High precision spindle rolling bearings effectively guarantee the accuracy of rotation.

4. Tailstock sleeve and spindle are large diameter and high-precision structures, and center is large diameter and short taper forming, heavy carrying capacity and high precision turning.

5. Main parts structure was designed by finite element analysis, with good static and dynamic characteristics, to optimize state. The main castings are resin sand molding, high-frequency electric furnace smelting iron with high strength and low stress, and pass annealing, vibrating, and times aging stress relief methods, allowing the machine to get a very good stiffness, maximize the elimination of the material and structural stress, long-term stability of the machine precision can be guaranteed.

6. Headstock and feed box are processed on imported CNC boring and milling machines and machining centers, its roundness, concentricity, parallelism of axes have been strictly controlled.

7. Bed guideways, shafts, gears and other parts are all after heat treatment, and precision ground, which improves the transmission accuracy of the machine.

8. The machine can come with DRO system as requirement, which can display the longitudinal and cross moving distance.

9. The machine can be equipped with close open type steady rest according to user needs.



        One-piece Bed                         Headstock                                Toolpost


Main Technical Features

Specification Unit SL-1600C SL-1800C SL-2000C SL-2200C SL-2500C
Max.swing over bed mm 1600 1800 2000 2200 2500
Max.swing over tool post mm 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000
Width of bed mm 1600 3Rail 2050 4Rail 2050 4Rail 2050 4Rail 2050 4Rail
Max.length of workpiece m 5~20 5~20 5~20 5~20 5~20
Max.weight of workpiece between centers t 32/40/63/80 32/40/63/80 32/40/63/80 32/40/63/80 32/40/63/80
Max.torque of face plate KN.m 90/100 90/100 90/100 90/100 90/100
Total cutting capacity kg 8000/9000 8000/9000 8000/9000 8000/9000 8000/9000
Cone point angle of center and specification kg 16000 16000/18000 16000/18000 16000/18000 16000/18000
Section dimension of tool shank   75° 75° 75° 75° 75°
Number of spindle speeds mm*mm 70x70 70x70 70x70 70x70 70x70
Range of spindle speed   stepless stepless stepless stepless stepless
Taper bore in spindle  r/min 0.63~125 0.63~125 0.63~125 0.63~125 0.63~125
Diameter of faceplate mm 1:4;125/160 1:4;125/160 1:4;125/160 1:4;125/160 1:4;125/160
Step No.of feed mm 1250 1400 1600 1600 2000
Range of longitudinal feed   stepless stepless stepless stepless stepless
Range of cross feed mm/r 1~4000 1~4000 1~4000 1~4000 1~4000
Feed range of  tool slide compound mm/r 1~2000 1~2000 1~2000 1~2000 1~2000
Longitudinal rapid traverse speed mm/min          
Cross rapid traverse speed mm/min 3000 4000 4000 4000 4000
Max.travel of cross slide mm 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Max.travel of top rest mm 750 750 850 850 850
Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm 400/530/560 400/530/560 400/530/560 400/530/560 400/530/560
Traversing of tailstock sleeve mm 300/200 300/200 300/200 300/200 300/200
Spindle taper bore of tailstock mm 1:4;125 1:4;125 1:4;125 1:4;125 1:4;125
Rapid traverse of tailstock mm/min 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000
Rapid traverse of sleeve mm/min 50 50 50 50 50
Power of main motor kw DC75/90/100 DC75/90/100 DC75/90/100 DC75/90/100 DC75/90/100
Weight of the lathe with 8m kg 55 95 98 102 108
Additional weight per 1m kg 2 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.3
Machine overall dimension(LxWxH)(8m) mm 14000x3340x2280 14000x3800x2380 14000x3900x2680 14000x3980x2780 14000x4100x3050
April 06 2020