Operating Tips:

Slant-bed CNC Lathe (KD-20A, KD-25A, KD-40A)

1. The machine adopts global famous controller with RS232 interface. 
2. Longitudinal and cross feeds are effected by ball leadscrews and high precision linear guideways, increasing the feeding speed and accuracy. 
3. Slant structure bed increasing the processing accuracy and easier for chip removal. 
4. Equipped with both hydraulic chuck and tool turret increasing the working efficiency and convenient.
5. The spindle system is high in the rigidity and accuracy.
6. Both inverter and servo type main motors are available as requirement.
7. Both manual and hydraulic tailstocks are available as requirement.
8. Regarding the client’s requirement, the lathes can come with auto. chip conveying system and tool measuring unit.


FANUC 0i Mate TD controller, FANUC servo feed motor, inverter main motor, NSK bearings, hydraulic solid chuck, hydraulic tool turret, manual tailstock, auto. lubricating unit, cooling system, lighting unit, general tools, operational manual (English edition)

Other brand CNC controllers, servo main motor, hydraulic hollow chuck, hydraulic tailstock, auto. chip conveyor& bucket, tool measuring unit


Main Technical Features

Specification Unit KD-20A KD-25A KD-40A
Max. swing over bed mm 410 500 750
Max. cutting dia. for disc parts mm 360 300 750
Max. cutting dia. for axle parts mm 200 250 350
Max. cross travel (X) mm 180 180 370
Max. longitudinal travel (Z) mm 420 500 1050
Max. turning legth of workpiece mm 350 400 870
Rapid feed for axis X m/min 9 10 10
Rapid feed for axis Z m/min 15 20 20
Max. speed of spindle r/min 4000/6000 3000/5000 2000
Spindle bore mm 56 62 105
Spindle nose   A2-5 A2-5 A2-8
Hydraulic chuck   6"(8") 8" 12"
Number of tools   8Hydro. 8Hydro. 12Hydro.
Outside dia. of cutting tool shank mm 20x20 25×25 25×25
Inner dia. of cutting tool shank mm 25 40 40
Tailstock sleeve dia. mm 63 63 100
Tailstock sleeve travel mm 100 115 210
Taper hole of tailstock quill   M.T.No.4 M.T.No.4 M.T.No.6
Min. Input mm 0.001 0.001 0.001
Main motor kw 5.5, 5.5/7.5 7.5,7.5/11 15
Bed structure   60° Slant bed 30° Slant bed
Overall dimensions(L×W×H) mm 2435×1270×1660 1950×1650×1680 3375×2250×1965
October 22 2018