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Dounble Spindle Full Function CNC Lathe (AK-25DS)


AK-25DS is a double-spindle type CNC lathe with high precision, and ensure the high manufacture precision.

1. CNC double-spindle lathe base, bed sets using box-shaped structure and robust Mehanite (MEHANITE) iron (HT-300), one-piece cast casting technology, adopts imported high-precision five-sided machining center one clamping process completed, with the overall rigidity, good stable accuracy and high reliability.

3. Adopts high rigidity 45 degrees hatchback bed sets, chip easily, the bed rail station by the intermediate frequency quenched and precision grinding, good precision, suitable for heavy cutting(can also be inlaid steel rail rolling guide by customers’ needs)

4. Skateboard sliding surface with plastic veneer process; make the feeding system stiffness, friction and other dynamic and static properties in the best condition, with a separation tank, the complete elimination of leakage, easy maintenance.

5. AK-25DS double-spindle CNC lathe adopts Italy 12-station VDI tool turret, tool apron can be exchanged in any position, can rotate around the nearest free tool with tool change speed, is smooth and reliable. Rotary turret repeat positioning accuracy is ± 2”.

6. Spindle motor is the latest Japanese style FANUC a30/6000i P-type wide-area high-performance AC servo motors, variable speed, power 18.5/15KW, large output torque, widely range; low speed can produce high torque output that is suitable for heavy cutting.

7. Adopts Taiwan brand 10’’ hydraulic chuck and high-speed cylinder, equipped and with a foot switch, the workpiece clamping convenient, safe and reliable. Roughing of hard claws, soft jaws can be used when finishing.


FANUC 0i TD controller (two chanel), FANUC servo feed motor, servo main motor, NSK bearings, hydraulic solid chuck, VDI tool turret, auto. lubricating unit, cooling system, lighting unit, general tools, operation manual (English edition)


Other brand CNC controllers,  hydraulic hollow chuck,  auto. chip conveyor & bucket


Main Technical Features

Specification AK-25DS
Capacity Swing over bed Φ520mm
Swing over saddle Φ450mm
Distance between the end face of two chuck  620mm
Max. turning diameter Φ420mm
Max. turning length 500mm
Travel and feed X travel 250mm
Z travel 650mm
X travel speed 18000mm/min
Z travel speed 20000mm/min
Hand wheel 0.001mm/0.01mm/0.1mm
X, Z feeding speed 1260mm/min
Spindle Spindle speed 35-3500rpm
Spindle nose A2-8
Spindle hole 85mm
Hole diameter of hydraulic chuck  Φ72mm
Front bearing diameter Φ130mm
Turret Number 12
Suit height 25mm
Drilling diameter 40mm
Tool changing 1.0sec
Counter-Spindle Counter -spindle travel 550mm
Counter -spindle hole Φ62.5mm
Counter -spindle nose A2-6
Motor Spindle motor AC18.5/15KW
X axis feed motor AC1.6KW
Z axis feed motor AC3.0KW
Counter -spindle feed motor AC3.0KW
Counter -spindle motor AC11/9KW
Power Consumed power 40KVA
Coolant system Coolant fluid volume 100L
Motor type 0.18KW(1HP)
April 06 2020