Operating Tips:

Milling Drilling Machine (X5325, X5332)


Flexible Entry-Level Machine - a very compact vertical Drill Press/Milling Machine Combination.

1. Compact, easy to handle universal milling machine with rigid frame made of vibrationdampening cast-iron.
2. Vertical cutter head with robust gears for smooth shifting.
3. Quill moves via capstan handle or manual precision feed.
4. Table swivels horizontally(optional).
5. Table feed in X direction with gear drive for positive power transmission without loss of torque.
6. Adjustable stops on all axes.
7. Wide, adjustable dovetail guides with clamping fixtures on all axes.


Standard Accessories:
Gear box power feed for X axis, mill chuck & collets, draw bar,  coolant system, work lamp, table elevating motor,  convergent panel, wrench, spanner, middle sleeve, oil collecting plate, operation manual(English)
Option Accessories:
Electronic power feed for Y axis, turret milling head, 3-axis digital readout (DRO), machine vise, rotary table, dividing head

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit X5325 X5332
Spindle Taper   ISO30, ISO40, MT4 ISO30, ISO40, MT4
distance from spindle to column mm 270 270
Distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 490 500
spindle speed range  rpm 8steps 115~1750 8steps  90~2000
Spindle travel mm 120 120
worktable feed speed on X,Y axes mm/min 22~430 22~555
rapid feed on X, Y axes mm/min 1080 1080
rapid feed on Z axes mm/min - 590
max.vertical milling dia mm 32 32
max.face milling dia  mm 100 100
Max. drilling diameter mm 50 50
milling head swivel angle   ±45° ±45°
table size mm 1000X240 1250X320
table travel mm 490X230 600X300
T -slot (No.-width-pitch) mm 3/14/60 3/14/70
Vertical slide way   dovetail dovetail
cross slide way   dovetail rectangular
longitudinal slide way   dovetail dovetail
Main motor power kw 0.85/1.5 2.2
X axis feed power w 370 750
Z axis feed power w - 750
coolant pump w 40 40
MAX.Swivel angle of the table    ±45° ±45°
Max. loading weitght of worktable kg 200 300
N.W / G.W  kg 800/900 1350/1450
April 06 2020