Operating Tips:

Column Moving Surface Grinding Machine (SG-10200FR, SG-100250FR, SG-100300FR, SG-100400FR)

1.Double walled column construction ,provide high rigid support .Adopt counterweight balance,make the machine move stably ,and reduce the load of the ball screw,keep the accuracy for a long time.
2.Adopt rectangular guideway coated with TURCITE-B belt,to get low friction coefficient,good abrasive resistance and high rigidity.
3.Adopt flat-V guideway on longitudinal and transverse to get good guidancequality,coated with TURCITE-B belt ,precision handscraping to keep stable work accuracy.
4.AC servo motor drives on transverse and vertical movement,electronic hand wheel(MPG)replaces the tradition mechanical hand wheel,to get high accuracy and easy operation,with little impact.
5.Independent,large capacity integrated hydraulic tank,assemble with air cooling and pressurizer,isolate heat and vibroseis,to provide excellent power for precision grinding.Adopt hydrostatic bearing for the grind spindle to get high rigidity(High precision ball bearing for export),together with 18.5Kw motor to provide strong power,apply to the heavy machining.Spindle rotation is supported by rigidity oil layer,no wear,ensure the long-term precision and life.
6.Adopt SIEMENS touch panel .It makes the operation simple and interesting by using powerful and friendly human-machine interface.
7.Hydraulic drive for the work table ,after adjusting meticulously,the table moved stably with little impact.
8.Special design,elegant appearance,good srability.
9.Well designed machine bed is one high grade casting piece,which insure heavy duty cutting .
10.Strengthen ribs are set inside of the column,make sure the great stability support for grinding spindle.
11.Super great power grinding spinel is most import of the machine.
12.The machine bed and rear sliding bed is assembled to one strong piece.


Standard accessories:
Coolant tank
Wheel dresser base
Flange and wheel extractor 
Standard wheel
Balance arbor
Balance stand
Working lamp
Leveling wedge and foundation bolt
PLC grinding controller
Build in electro magnetic chuck controller
Two axis feed control electro hand wheel


Optional accessories:
Electro magnetic chuck
Hydraulic parallel wheel dresser
Coolant tank with magnetic separator
Coolant tank with paper filter
Coolant with magnetic separator and paper filter

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit SG-10200FR SG-100250FR SG-100300FR SG-100400FR
Table size (W×L) mm 1000x2200 1000x2500 1000x3000 1000x4000
Max. longitudinal travel mm 1000x2200 1000x2500 1000x3000 1000x4000
Max. distance from spindle center to table mm 920(1080)/1250 920(1080)/1250 920(1080)/1250 920(1080)/1250
Magnetic chuck size (Optional) mm 1000x1000x2 1000x800x3 1000x1000x3 1000x1000x4
Max. loading capacity of table(include magnetic chuck) kg 2400 (4500) 2400 (4500) 3500 (4500) 5000
Speed of table longitudinal movement m/min 5-25
Wheelhead transverse movement Auto. feed mm/t 1-30
Rapid feed m/min 0.05-3
Feed of MPG mm/gra 0.005
Wheelhead vertical movement Auto. feed mm/t 0.005-0.05
Rapid feed m/min 0.05-2
Feed of MPG mm/gra 0.005
Grindwheel speed rpm 960
Grindwheel size (OD×W×ID) mm 500x75x203 500x75x203 500x75x203 500x100x203
Spindle motor kw 18.5 (22) 18.5 (22) 18.5 (22) 22
Hydranlic motor kw 7.5 (11) 7.5 (11) 7.5 (11) 11
Vertical & cross servo motor kw 3 3 3 3
Total rated power kw 33 (40) 33 (40) 33 (40) 40
Floor space (L×W) mm 6000x4300 6000x4300 8200x4300 10000x4300
Gross weight kg 12500(14000) 13000 (14500) 15000(16000) 20000


CNC models are also available as requirement!

April 06 2020