Operating Tips:

Column Moving Surace Grinding Machine (SG-50100A, SG-50160A, SG-63125A, SG-63160A, SG-63220A)


1. Electrical hand wheel (MPG) is equipped for spindle elevating feed, the operating position is free, it is so easy to control the machine.

2. It  is standard equipped with    DELTA 7’’ LCD-TFT colourful touchable screen. For the operation, our engineers’ genius philosophy makes the operation very simple and convenient for the operators.

3. The spindle elevating feed is drove by AC servo motor, controlled by SIEMENS PLC and DELTA 7’’ LCD-TFT colourful touchable screen (HMI), the operator can easy set rough ground feed and times, fine ground feed and times and spark out gound times, humanity deign interface make auto grinding work is easy.


Standard accessories:
Coolant tank
Wheel dresser base
Flange and wheel extractor 
Standard wheel
Balance arbor
Balance stand
Working lamp
Leveling wedge and foundation bolt
PLC grinding controller
Build in electro magnetic chuck controller
Two axis feed control electro hand wheel


Optional accessories:
Electro magnetic chuck
Hydraulic parallel wheel dresser
Coolant tank with magnetic separator
Coolant tank with paper filter
Coolant with magnetic separator and paper filter

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit SG-50100A SG-50160A SG-63125A SG-63160A SG-63220A
Table size (W×L) mm 500x1000 500x1600 630x1250 630x1600 630x2200
Max.grinding size (W×L) mm 500x1000 500x1600 630x1250 630x1600 630x2200
Max.distance from table to spindle center mm 600
Magnetic chuck size (optional) Mm 5001000x1 500x800x2 600x1000x1 600x800x2 600x1000x2
Speed of table longitudinal move m/min 5x25
Wheel head cross move Auto. Feed mm/t 0.5-20
Rapid feed m/min 1.25
Manual feed mm/div 0.02
Wheel head vertical move Auto. Feed mm/t 0.005、0.01、0.015、0.02、0.03、0.04
Rapid feed mm/min 230
Manual feed mm/div 0.002
Gindwheel Speed Rpm 1450(50H2)、1740(60H2)
Size (OD×W×ID) Mm 355x(20-25)x127
Spindle Motor Kw 7.5
Max. loading capacity of table(include magnetic chuck) Kg 700 800 970 1230 1690
Total rated power Kw 12 14
Height of machine Mm 2390
Floor space (L×W) Mm 4700x2580 7100x2550 4700x2750 5300x2750 6700x2750
Weight kg 5500 6000 6500 7000 8000
April 06 2020