Operating Tips:

Wheelhead Moving Surface Grinding Machine (GS-500A, GS-630A, GS-800A)


1. This surface grinder is used to grind the flat surface work piece, it uses mainly the wheel periphery for surface grind, but the wheel end surfaces can also be used for grinding the vertical surface of the work pieces.

2. When working, the work pieces can be placed on the magnetic chuck or fixed directly on the table or with other fixtures according to various work pieces.

3. The machine can be used for grinding steel, casting iron or non-ferrous metal. Since grinding with the wheel periphery can produce higher manufacturing precision, so this type surface grinder is suitable for grinding very high accuracy surface

4. Special designed bed, column, table wheel head, slide block, the structure with high rigidity, ensure high accuracy and efficiency.

5. The table longitudinally movement drove by hydraulic, wheel head transverse on the slide block, it can be drove by manual or hydraulic. The slide block together with wheel head move up and down along the column guide way, with manual and rapid movement.

6. All operating levers, hand wheels, knobs and buttons are concentrated on the front of bed and saddle, so the machine is very convenient to operate.


Standard accessories:
Coolant tank
Standard electro magnetic chuck
Balancing arbor 
Wheel flange
Wheel extractor
Leveling wedge and bolt 
Tool box and tools 
Standard grinding wheel
Working lamp
Wheel dresser stand (Not include diamond pen)
Build in electro magnetic chuck controller


Optional accessories:
Parallel wheel dresser
Digital readout 
Wheel balance stand 
Coolant tank with magnetic separator and paper filter
Coolant tank with magnetic separator

Main Technical Features

Specification Unit GS-500A GS-630A GS-800A
GS-500B GS-630B GS-800B
GS-500C GS-630C GS-800C
Worktable size Width mm 500 630 800
Length mm 1000/1600/2200/3000/4500 1250/1600/2200/3000/4500 1600/2200/3000/4500
Max processing dimension Width mm 500 630 800
Length mm 1000/1600/2200/3000/4500 1250/1600/2200/3000/4500 1600/2200/3000/4500
Height mm 500                                          800                                          1200 500                                          800                                          1200 525                                    825                                       1250
Max. distance between spindle center line and worktable surface mm 700                                          1000                                        1400 700                                          1000                                        1400 725                                        1025                                     1425
Longitudinal moving speed of worktable m/min 3-27 3-27 5-25
T-slot number/width pcs*mm 3*22 3*22 3*22
Wheelhead cross moving Consecutive feed speed m/min 0.5-4.5 0.5-4.5 0.5-4.5
Intermittent feed speed mm/t 3-30 3-30 3-30
Hand wheel feed mm/gra 0.01 0.01 0.01
Wheelhead vertical moving Rapid feed mm/min 400 400 400
Hand wheel feed mm/gra 0.005 0.005 0.005
Wheelhead motor Power kw 7.5 7.5 15
Rotation speed r.p.m 1440 1440 1440
Total power kw 12.25/13.75/15.75 13.75/15.75 25.25/28.75
Max. loading capacity of worktable(with chuck) kg 700/1240/1410/1930/2895 1010/1290/1780/2430/3650 1600/2200/3000
Wheel size(OD*W*ID) mm 400*40*203 400*40*203 450*63*203
Overall dimension Length mm 3110/4250/5750/7880/12170 3300/5320/5750/7880/12170 4800/5600/8550/12840
Width mm 1900 1900 2500
Height mm 2420                                     2720                                     3120 2420                                     2720                                     3120 2600                                    2900                                    3300
December 04 2021