Operating Tips:

Saddle Moving Surface Grinding Machine (SG-2050, SG-2550, SG-3063, SG-30100, SG-4080, SG-40100 series))

1.Double walled column construction,provide high rigid support to the grinding spindle.Closed steel guard is equipped for protecting spindle motor and guideway,which make the column safety and beautiful.
2.Well designed control panel with two-way rotate structure,make the operator getting suitable operating position very easy,improve work efficiency.
3.Safe and reliable electrical control,safety interlocking protection system,it is according with CE tension electric requirement.
4.The work table is drive by imported hydraulic valve unit ,realize smoothly motion without shocking.
5.Independent hydraulic station assembles with air cooling,run stably with small temperature rise ,provide enough power for precision grinding .
6.Guideway is coated with Turcite and precision hand scraped,move smoothly and keep the accuracy long life.
7.The A series grinder is standard equipped with auto down feed AC servo motor ,and controlled by PLC and HMI,to realize auto grinding ,then to realize auto grinding.
8.For A series the control panel is equipped with HMI ,by which the operator can easy operating on the machine to realize auto working.
9.File pocket is set in the cabinet.So much ditails contain our considerate service.


Standard accessories:
Coolant tank
Standard electro magnetic chuck
Balancing arbor 
Wheel flange
Wheel extractor
Leveling wedge and bolt 
Tool box and tools 
Standard grinding wheel
Working lamp
Wheel dresser stand (Not include diamond pen)
Build in electro magnetic chuck controller
PLC auto grinding controller (Only for A models)


Optional accessories:
Parallel wheel dresser
Digital readout 
Wheel balance stand 
Coolant tank with magnetic separator and paper filter
Coolant tank with magnetic separator
Splash board

Main Technical Features

 Specification Unit SG-2050M SG-2550M SG-3063M SG-30100M SG-4080M SG-40100M
SG-2050R SG-2550R SG-3063R SG-30100R SG-4080R SG-40100R
SG-2050A SG-2550A SG-3063A SG-30100A SG-4080A SG-40100A
Table size(W×L) mm 200×508 254×508 305×635 305×1020 406×813 406×1020
Max. longitudinal travel mm 560 560 765 1130 910 1130
Max. cross traval mm 240 275 340 340 450 450
Max. distance from spindle center to table  mm 450 450 580 580 580 580
Magnetic chuck size mm 200×460 250×500 300×600 300×1000 400×800 400×1000
Speed of table longitudinal movement m/min 7~23
Table transverse movement Auto feed mm/min 0.1~8
Rapid speed m/min 990
Feed of handwheel mm/div. 0.02
Wheelhead Vertical movement Auto feed mm/stroke ―― (M/R model), 0.005/0.01/0.02/0.03/0.04/0.05 (Only for A model)
Rapid speed mm/min ―― (M model), 610 (Only for R model), 480 (Only for A model)
Feed of handwheel mm/div.    0.005
Grinding wheel Speed rpm 50Hz  2850 50Hz  1450
60Hz  3450 60Hz  1750
Size(OD×W×ID)  mm 200×20×31.75 350×40×127
Spindle Motor  kW 2.2 4/5.5
Hydranlic motor kW 0.75 2.2
Cooling pump motor kW 0.04 0.125
Elevating motor kW ―― (M model) , 0.25 (R model), 0.5 (A model,servo motor)
Cross feed motor kW 0.04
Max. loading capacity of table(include magnetic chuck) kg 180 180 270 400 500 600
Total rated power kW 3.7 7.5/9
Height of machine  mm 1675 1890  
Floor space (L×W) mm 2300×1600 2900×2200  4400×2200 3600×2400  4400×2400 
Gross weight kg 1600 1800 2900 3300 3500 4000
Package dimension (L×W×H) mm 2000×2100×2175 2350×2220×2150  2950×2220×2210 2850×2270×2180  2950×2270×2210 
April 06 2020